Client Story - Improving Office Air Quality with AmbiTek

November 08, 2020
Opsmorph is working with AmbiTek on a cloud based Internet of Things platform for tackling poor air quality in offices, schools and universities.

Problems Caused by Poor Air Quality

Air quality problems in the workplace can lead to poor performance, make concentration difficult, and in some instances lead to health problems including frequent headaches and tiredness. These problems are often caused by high levels of CO2 in small poorly ventilated meeting rooms. Furthermore, COVID 19 studies have shown that infection rates have a dependency on both temperature and humidity. It is in this context that air quality control in offices, schools and universities becomes particularly significant.

IoT Solutions

AmbiTek are an innovative startup providing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart air quality control. AmbiTek are helping schools and offices by installing sensors for monitoring Temperature, CO2 and humidity together with devices for taking remedial action by controlling air flow between rooms. AmbiTek are building out a cloud platform to orchestrate the system and Opsmorph are proud to offer their expertise in cloud solution and data visualisation dashboard development to the project to help accelerate the build of this important application.

“Our business in Indoor Air Quality was launched when COVID just started. It was essential for us to set up the first version of the product rapidly. However, we could not compromise on scalability and UX on the platform. I'm not sure how Opsmorph and our technical team managed, but they created a scalable platform with a good UX within weeks instead of months.”

Bas Ummels, Founder and Business Lead of AmbiTek

AmbiTek Dashboard

The application monitors several sensors at once giving an informative overview of air quality throughout the premises.

The Tech Stack

The platform being developed uses Amazon Web Services and the stack incorporates security, storage, IoT device data ingestion, and a data visualisation dashboard. AmbiTek plan to build in machine learning algorithms to automatically control local air exchangers.

“It can be quite overwhelming to start building a cloud application. The possibilities seem endless. By partnering with Opsmorph, we managed to stay focussed and rapidly build an MVP that is robust and secure, all the way from back-end to front-end. On top of that, the whole process effectively trained us to build and manage cloud applications.”

Joeri Verasdonck, Founder and Tech Lead of AmbiTek

AmbiTek CO2 Plot

The application monitors high rates of CO2 which are known to make concentration difficult and lead to tiredness and headaches.

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