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Opsmorph is a data science and cloud solutions research and consultancy company. Whether you are a startup looking to accelerate the development of a minimal viable product for your Software as a Service (SaaS) application, or involved in a research project looking for data science and machine learning support to make better use of your data, Opsmorph is here to work with you to co-design and develop your bespoke tech solution. Some of the services we offer are listed below.

Project Design and Data Strategy

Assisting you with problem definition, scoping, co-design, and technical project management.

Performing data audits and advising on data strategy.

Machine Learning

Training, validating, testing, explaining, deploying, and monitoring predictive supervised machine learning models.

Implementing unsupervised machine learning methods for cluster identification and analysis.

Geospatial Data Science

Sourcing, merging, and analysing geospatial data for the development of all your geospatial data models.

Deep Learning with Text

Collecting, structuring and extracting insights from text using deep learning for natural language processing (NLP).

Constructing streaming data infrastructure and performing network analysis and NLP for social media analysis.

Websites, Dashboards and Apps

Designing user friendly interfaces for your web apps.

Developing front-end custom data visualization dashboards to tell your data story.

Delivering secure and cost-effective website development and cloud hosting for your company and project websites.

Cloud Data Storage

Building secure and fault tolerant data lakes in the cloud to store and catalogue data of various formats, from disparate sources.

Migrating your on-premise databases to the cloud and redesigning your data access patterns to better meet your needs.

Cloud Security

Establishing private authentication for secure cloud access.

Securing your cloud environment using Identity Access Management and data encryption at rest and in transit.

Optimizing cost and performance of your cloud applications.

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Whether you're a startup looking to accelerate development of your cloud platform, a research project looking to introduce machine learning, or an organisation of any size looking to make better use of your data, contact Opsmorph for a free consultation to see how we can help.