Graham Hesketh

Chief Technology Officer, Founding Director

Graham has expertise in data science, software development and cloud technology. Graham started Opsmorph in 2020 where he specializes in machine learning, cloud security, and highly resilient and performance-optimized cloud architecture. At Opsmorph, Graham provides tech consultancy for both small tech startups as well as some of the most well known global fintech companies. He is active on several invite only cyber security bug bounty programmes and has helped improved the cyber security of some of the largest cloud providers. In a previous role, Graham worked as Head of Data Science leading a tech team working on technological tools for social problems in diverse areas such as false information online, adolescent mental health issues, youth offending, child sexual exploitation, and human security in military conflict.

Graham has a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Kent, an MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces from Imperial College, and a PhD in big data computational modelling of fibre optic internet communications from University of Southampton, for which he was awarded the EPSRC Doctoral Research Prize leading to a postdoctoral fellowship at Southampton.

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